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Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Seafaring Industries

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How it Works


Logitt complies with all industry logbook standards and requirements as per specification for the required trade. Register your Logiit profile and send it to a registered supervisor for verification. You are now ready and able to log your first job.

Send your completed log sheet to the supervisor on duty for verification via your app. Once verified a digital stamp will display across the log sheet submitted.

No more heavy logbooks and sharing pens. Select from the dropdown lists ensuring accurate data is logged and stored in one central place which is safe and secure. This can be managed from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Your job history can be shared with a company or client in one easy step. They can view your historical data on jobs completed and the experience gained making it easy to prepare for the project ahead. Your profile is paperless, verified, and available to share on-demand from the App with 1 easy step.

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